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XXX Mints: They’ll take your breath away!

XXX Mints have strength, character and power built into their DNA so if you are looking for a mint that delivers on the promise of ‘Extra Strong’ you have come to the right place.

XXX Mints

For 3,000 years we have hailed mint for its treatment of all manner of digestion problems but who knew the humble mint was used in biblical times as a form of currency. Nowadays unfortunately your XXX Mints will not be any good as payment for a night on the beer and curry but luckily for you they will take away the after effects!

82% *2011 Consumer Panel Survey based on strength, flavour, texture and overall preference.

of mint lovers prefer the extreme punch of XXX Mints over our rivals* So put your trust in the brand that delivers, it will take your breath away.

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